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A wedding MC hire sydney can be the difference between a successful, entertaining wedding reception and a dull event. MCs or Master of Ceremonies are present in a variety of events to engage and amuse the audience. They can bring life to any event. At Prestige Wedding Entertainment, we believe that every wedding reception should have a professional MC. Some couples ask their friends or relatives to act as the MC, but that doesn’t always yield the right results. Here are a few reasons why you should hire our professional master of ceremonies:


  • Charismatic – Our MCs are friendly and charismatic. They become a natural part of your wedding reception and develop a connection with the guests. Unlike inexperienced MCs, our professionals won’t falter or be awkward. They have hosted several receptions in their career and know how to connect with a wide variety of audiences. Our MCs are very personable and immediately establish a good rapport with the audience.


  • Confidence- One can’t be an MC without being confident. After all, professionals have to stand in front of a crowd of strangers and try to engage them. An MC without confidence will quickly lose steam and create an awkward atmosphere. A professional master of ceremonies will be confident even if the audience isn’t easy to please. That ensures the conversation keeps flowing and people are kept engaged. The audience will eventually respond to the MC’s confidence and sense of humour.


  • Humour- MCs can’t be MCs, without humour. They need to be witty and quick, including jokes and making comments that would bring laughter without offending anyone. The professional also needs to ensure the jokes don’t sound rehearsed. That can dampen the mood and make things uncomfortable. This takes considerable amount of skill and experience. Our MCs handle it will aplomb and grace. They will read the audience and plan their conversations accordingly. This ensures no one is hurt or distressed by our MCs humour.


  • Catering to a Diverse Crowd – At any wedding, you’ll have people of different ages, backgrounds, and opinions. It’s difficult to connect with such a diverse audience easily. Our MCs find the right balance that will ensure every person in the audience is entertained. This also requires considerable skill and experience. Fortunately, our wedding MC for hire has worked in this industry for over 5 years and has hosted several weddings. Our MCs are experts at eliciting smiles and laughs, no matter how tough the crowd is.


  • Navigating Hurdles –Whether it’s the mike falling or the speakers shutting down, problems and interruptions are common during weddings. An experienced MC will make light of the situation and carry on without awkward pauses. They won’t allow the hurdles to disrupt their flow or distract the audience. This is an essential skill for an MC to have.


Every MC on our team is experienced, skilled, personable and highly professional; no matter which one you choose for your wedding, they will help ensure it is a stupendous success. If you have any more questions about wedding MC for hire and entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us at Prestige Wedding Entertainment. You can give us a call or email us at [email protected].


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