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If you need a skilled and experienced DJ for your wedding, you don’t need to look further. While most companies do offer wedding DJ services, we specialise in them. We’ve been a part of this industry for over 20 years and each of our DJs have at least 5 years of experience. That ensures you’ll have high-quality entertainment at your wedding. At Prestige Wedding Entertainment, we focus on client satisfaction. We understand just how important your wedding day is to you and make every effort to ensure it goes smoothly. With us, you don’t have to worry about your guests getting bored.

Our Wedding DJ Services

Our DJ services are comprehensive and stress-free. We handle everything related to music during the event. Our DJs will make sure that the music played at your wedding is engaging and entertaining. They will keep in regular contact with you, take your preferences into consideration, and create a playlist that would create the right vibe.


  • The Planning – Our DJs value communication and planning. They will speak with you and understand your music preferences before they start working on the playlist. They will also make an effort to understand your guests and their general music preferences. That allows them to be prepared in case a guest has a special request.


  • The First Dance – Most couples never forget their first dance. Many will look back at it with nostalgia and fondness. The music needs to be just as special as the dance. Our DJ will work with you to choose the right song for the event. If you have a song in mind, you can always mention it to your DJ. Most of our clients don’t really have a fixed tune in mind and ask for suggestions from our experts.


  • The Father-Daughter Dance – This is one of the most memorable aspects of any wedding. No father or daughter will ever forget this dance. Selecting the right music for it is vital. Our DJs respect this tradition and understand the value it holds for the participants. We choose the music carefully for this and ensure that this moment isn’t hampered in any way.


  • The Mother-Son Dance – This might not be as time-honoured a tradition as the father-daughter dance, but it’s fast becoming popular. It’s a very sweet gesture and honours the woman who raised and nurtured you to be the man you are today.


Our Wedding MC Services

Wedding MCs bring life and joy to any event. They will crack jokes, share tales, and create music that would keep your guests engaged and happy. This ensures your event is very successful and memorable. Great wedding MCs are charismatic and friendly; they have great sense of humour and know how to read the audience. With our MC hosting the event, you can fully expect your guests to have a blast.

If you have any more questions about wedding DJs and entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us at Prestige Wedding Entertainment. You can give us a call or email us at [email protected].


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